Miracle on 404 Washington St.!

IT HAPPENS November 24-December 31, 2019

There comes a time where each of us must face an eternal and universal query and ask ourselves: Have we been naughty? Have we been nice? The Holiday season not only marks an opportunity to connect with our friends, family and chosen loved ones but also the opportunity to wrap up an era of our lives: all of its lessons learned, its trials and tribulations packaged safely beneath the beautiful paper of memory and if we take the time, secured there with a shiny ribbon and a kindly note from some source of wisdom that tells us we’ve been seen, we have done our best, we have earned the rewards of another year spent. The call to Holiday celebration is at both times an opportunity to lay the year to rest and to exalt in the possibilities of the future, endless, fragile and breathtaking as each snowflake on our tongues. 

This year, Dillinger’s is honoring the experiences, hard work and community efforts of every Olympia citizen by transforming their cozy, speakeasy style space into Miracle: an over the top Christmas-themed cocktail pop up that insists cheer is not only deserved but necessary. The pop up will take over the restaurant on 404 Washington St. in Downtown Olympia on Friday, November 24 through the end of December, but be sure to grab a reservation as every elf in town will be angling for a seat at Santa’s table. “We’re basically saying, we see you, sneaking that cookie at your office party,” says Jessie Hill, a manager at Dillinger’s, “and we want you to come with us instead. Get your hat on, put on your light up necklace and come scream Christmas Carols with reckless abandon. Eat as many cookies as you want. We’re here for it.” At Miracle, guests are asked to indulge their senses and reconnect with the child inside that knew magic was real and understood that love and celebration thereof trumps all of life’s other distractions.

So this Holiday season give yourself a few treasured, perfect moments. Sip on one of Miracle’s delicious holiday-themed cocktails with tongue-in-cheek names like the Koala-la-la-la-la (featuring a unique Eucalyptus simple syrup and an adorable stuffed Koala clinging to the stem of the glass). Rock around the Christmas tree with the Ronnettes on the sound system and marvel at the snow globes, ornaments, wreaths and dancing Santa that will transform Dillinger’s quiet speakeasy vibe into a true wonderland. Share your happiness with everyone around you, and allow yourself a true Miracle.

Photo Credit: Melissa Hom & Noah Fecks for Miracle