jessie hill - gENERAL MANAGER

Educated under some of the best in the Seattle craft cocktail scene (and beyond), Jessie’s thrilled to marry her technical know-how to her personable instinct in the town she loves most: Olympia. “I want to make you the best drink you’ve ever had. If I’m doing my job right, you’ll be so infatuated with where you are, the easy conversation, the beautiful company that you won’t even notice the drink until I ask you. By then you’ll know you’re onto something really special”. As Dillingers General Manager she will bring knowledge, expertise and genuine warmth to your table.

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Claire makes everything she does look easy despite being one of the hardest working women in the industry. She quickly rose through through the ranks thanks to her talent and tenacity and has established herself as one of Olympia’s most beloved bartenders - also one of the only that can take your order in French! Claire pours herself into all that she does and as Assistant Manager maintains Dillinger’s high standards while still breathing life and energy into whatever she touches.


KATIE RAINS - bartender

Katie joined our team for the Christmas Miracle of 2018 & we all had so much fun that she stuck with us. By day, she works in food systems & has led several local nonprofits. By night, she loves bringing people together for food & drink & merriment. She’s bartended for the past 15 years, and specializes in making bitters, cordials, syrups & shrubs with local flavors. Come by for Sunday Supper & let her show you a good time!



Adam came to Olympia by way of bars and restaurants in Kansas City, New Orleans, Puerto Rico, and Orcas Island. His cocktails (much like his playlists) are carefully crafted combining styles and techniques he’s picked up from all over the country over many years in the industry. Favorite liquor: Amaro. Favorite Beatle: Paul. Least Favorite Runt: Banana. When he’s not behind the bar Adam enjoys playing the saxophone, roulette, biscuits and gravy, and fishing.



Luke is a southern transplant from Tennessee. He is sweet as pie, charming, hardworking, and hilarious. In his off time, Luke enjoys spending time with his dogs, hiking with friends, and performing. Aside from being our dish daddy, Luke is also local Drag Queen named Tess Tickle who loves entertaining the masses. Whether in character or not Luke is a larger than life breath of fresh air and boy do we love him for it.